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“Who knows how to make love stay?” Tom Robins wrote in Still Life with Woodpecker. Those who fell in love with Santorini, did so forever. The locals say it has a heart that beats loudly, sending out vibrations to the mountains, the ground and the sea. The people’s heart either synchronizes with the island’s one – and they end up staying there, or they never couple with each other and leave the island as fast as they can.

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I gaze at the silver greatness that is Santorini and wonder to my self what is it that always brings me back here…Time goes by softly and the island has enough room to reveal its other side, possibly the real one, during Spring time…it fills with distinct colours and energy. The Kaldera itself turns green and the flowers blossom peacefully, in sharp contrast to the stone and lava, which, during this time blend with the aura the island now possesses…

Humidity wraps itself gracefully around the cliff, travels down the Mount of Prophet Ilias and slowly covers the whole of the island, giving it a sense of peacefulness and great ease to the eye, in contrast to the anticipated energy of the upcoming summer. It’s as if someone has switched off the main power supply and the island rests breathing heavily… pervasive peacefulness… The power of silence! One can only hear the air, running riot through the narrow streets, sweeping away any signs of summer loving and fun, thus, preparing the ground for the expected explorers – intruders! The sea untamed, becomes one with the horizon, a mixture of light and dark blue and grey. The smell of turf… Silence. In Santorini, you close your eyes and sense the quiet yet strong power brewing under its dark waters. St. Irene of Tears whispers softly in your ears: Santorini is a dangerous island, which owes its gracefulness to a threat hovering over you. Those who are perceptive enough to sense that, come back to it.

The magnetism its catastrophical fate oozes out attracts us as much as the strong faith in life, which here, is always stronger than and defeats death.

Reasons to explore Santorini Island

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Santorini Settlements and Villages

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